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Run Talk Run


Run Talk Run

Words and Photographed by Dan laughton


Jessica Robson wait’s outside the Real Buzz shoe store in Covent Garden, London. Using the store as a base, Jess waits for the other runners and members of Run Talk Run’s community to arrive, stretch and get ready to ‘have a run and chat’.

Posted in the ever-growing Run Talk Run group chat as well as on it’s social media platforms, no run has the same turn out, both in terms of people and running experience. Neither of which matter.

The runners congress inside the shoe store. They catch-up and get themselves ready to run. All gathering with the same motives, the runners seem as if each others presence alone brings positivity, openness and motivation. That’s before their shoes are even tied.


The runs are almost, if not every single day across the UK. Jess still leads multiple runs each week in London. The word leading being key rather than using the term therapist. The lead runner, sparks conversation and sets the pace. Runners chat amongst each other, support one another, share experiences and spread positivity.

Running was a place Jess found herself more able to talk with people; No need for awkward eye contact and having the run itself as another factor in the conversation makes it less daunting.

Jess is open in her experiences with depression, anxiety and bulimia. The finding of support and community through running are what lead her to set up communal runs for all to openly support one another. This led on to more runs, more locations, more people. The word spread, as did the positive energy through to having almost daily runs with various run leaders across the UK.

Two LA-based therapists got word of Run Talk Run. They now lead runs in LA, growing the community internationally.

Back in Covent Garden, the run ends where it began. Each runner has found themselves able to open up, find support and be part of the Run Talk Run family. Jess’s passion shows through how involved she keeps within this mental health support community. This passion drives her to grow this community further and further.

With a keen eye on becoming a mental health professional in the near future, Jess herself has clearly opened a door for additional places in the world of community and support for mental health.

Check out Run Talk Run online at www.runtalkrun.com or on Instagram @runtalkrun